Should I get an agent?
Yes. Most publishing houses will not accept manuscripts from unrepresented authors.  Many agents have long-standing relationships with editors at publishing houses large and small, and an agent will have the expertise and contacts to get your manuscript into the hands of a publisher that best suits your book.

If I send a chapter, will I get a sample edit?
Due to the time commitment involved, your sample edit will not consist of the entire chapter you sent.  A sample edit is usually 1 to 3 pages, depending on how much material the editor feels is required to edit in order to demonstrate the level of editing required and the editor's particular style. The sample edit also indicates how much time your project will command and a quote.

How much will it cost?
The editors must see a sample and perform a short sample edit to give you a price quote. The rate for your project is based on the stage of editing necessary and the turnaround time.  The average for editing is 3 to 5 cents per word, and nontechnical writing starts at 6 cents per word. A surcharge may be applied to rush jobs. It's important, therefore, to return the editing agreement and deposit quickly so you are not subject to a rush fee if you procrastinate yet your deadline remains the same.

Is word count the number of total words or just the words edited?
Word count is the number of words your editor will read. If there are portions you don't want read/edited, remove those portions from the file that you send the editor.

What are my payment options?
You may send U.S./international money orders/cashier's checks. Editors who accept personal checks require that the check clears before they set your date on their calendar. Unfortunately, due to the nature of online services, all editors require retainers (prepayments). You may also set up a prepayment schedule to make your experience more affordable.

Note: Currency conversion fees are paid by the client.

Is the deposit refundable if I change my mind?
No. The deposit causes your editor to turn down other offers. If you do decide to cancel, you most likely will cause your editor to suffer a financial loss